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What information do you need to provide an estimate?  

There are many factors that must be considered, including:

  • house size - number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.

  • is there a garage (size)

  • your specifications (ie. high end interior/exterior finishes)

  • the style of the house - bungalow, 2-storey - finished basement etc.

  • your budget

Can I use my own plans?  Would it cost more for you to design my house?


If you have your own house plans, we can use them.  If you don't have plans, we can work with you to create the building plans for your home. It does not cost more for us to provide in-house drawings, however we do not do this unless we build your home.

On average, how long will it take to build my home?

On average, we can finish building 16 - 20 weeks from the time that we start framing your house (depending on house size, weather conditions etc.).

What are the advantages of an ICF foundation?

  Some of the advantages over a traditional concrete foundation include:  

  • greater energy efficiency

  • a stronger frame

  • greater resistance to extreme weather

  • more sound resistance

  • if you decide to finish your basement, your exterior walls are done.

What is an Allowance?  

When we are asked to price a home for a potential client, certain features (like flooring, cabinetry, light fixtures etc.) are set up as a "budget", commonly referred to as an Allowance. Amounts exceeding the Allowance will be charged, and likewise, amounts not used will be credited.

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